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The Chester Family Chiropractic Center maintains an active community outreach program for Chester, Virginia and into the Tri-cities and Richmond area. The events hosted by CFCC will stimulate, educate and create a healthier company, which in turn will provide more productivity. A desired goal is to initiate a shift in the mindset, regarding their health from passive to active.

Workplace Wellness Q & A

What does the Chester Family Chiropractic Center provide?

As Wellness Champions doctors, the Chester Family Chiropractic Center team hosts health fairs,  chiropractic screenings, and the popular Lunch and Learn Workshops. Each event targets a healthier population through better lifestyle choices. CFCC offers a range of customized presentations at no cost.  

What sort of groups benefit from workplace wellness events?

Despite the name, these aren’t targeted solely to employers. Non-profit groups, civic organizations, social groups and clubs can all host events presented by the Chester Family Chiropractic Center. Events can target workers, members, volunteers and even the community at large. Wellness education fits any group, place or event where education and awareness brings better health to those involved.

How does an employer benefit from wellness education?

The Chester Family Chiropractic Center’s programs provide testing and education with powerful results, including:

  • Reduced lost time due to illness and injury
  • Faster recovery times after illness and injury
  • Improved productivity and job performance effectiveness
  • Better workplace/group morale
  • Greater job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Improved quality of life for all participants through a better understanding of wellness

The health and wellness program also consults on topics such as office ergonomics, an increasingly important factor in workplace health and safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recognizes the impact of musculoskeletal disorders introduced in the workplace and the high toll these take on the economy, both for the employer and the worker.

How can I arrange a community health and wellness program through the Chester Family Chiropractic Center?

Access both information and scheduling by contacting Lydia at (804) 878-6756. You may also email Lydia at

Chester Family Chiropractic Center accepts most insurance plans. Please contact the office to confirm if your insurance is accepted.

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