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While the Chester Family Chiropractic Center treats musculoskeletal injuries of any origin, the Chester, Virginia-based clinic, led by Dr. Adam and Sandy Elbaum, frequently sees car accident victims. Even minor accidents can disrupt proper body functions due to misalignments, soft tissue damage and nerve compression. It doesn’t take an auto accident to bring on these ailments. Sports injuries, falls and sometimes just day-to-day living can create the same conditions. There’s no need to live with accident or injury pain. The Chester Family Chiropractic Center can get you back on the road to wellness.

Personal Injury Q & A

What common injuries occur during car accidents?

Whiplash is the most notorious of car accident injuries, and happens when a collision causes a rapid snapping motion of the head and neck. It’s not just something that happens during violent collisions—even low-speed accidents can cause whiplash. These injuries may result in blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, neck, shoulder, arm and back pain. The impact causes bones and joints in the body to lose alignment. The shock and stress triggers muscle contractions, which can put further strain on the skeleton as soft tissues risk inflammation and fatigue. Chiropractic treatment begins realignment and increases the range of motion. This puts the body into a better position to heal naturally by reducing the tensions built up due to injury. Once acute pain is gone, maintenance care begins. Less frequent than when the patient experiences pain, maintenance care trains the body back into proper mechanical function.

What other injuries can chiropractic address?

Musculoskeletal injuries happen through nearly any activity, whether it’s playing sports, working in the garden, falling, or sitting for an extended period. Even washing dishes can strain the lower back, and neck injury may result from something as simple as toweling your hair after a shower. Chiropractic care addresses both the
immediate discomfort and pain as well as long-term recovery. The same
treatments that provide relief also “reset” the body’s alignment and balance,
making future injuries less likely.

What techniques and adjustments does Chester Family Chiropractic Center use?

As well as general and gentle spinal and joint adjustments, the Chester Family Center uses the intersegmental traction bed to passively stretch spinal joints to increase mobility and relieve pressure. Once repairs to musculoskeletal alignment occur, massage therapy may help maintain muscle condition to support healing. Neuromuscular re-education, nutritional and lifestyle counseling also help the patient through the post-accident healing phase.

Chester Family Chiropractic Center accepts most insurance plans. Please contact the office to confirm if your insurance is accepted.

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